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Jan31st -Blue Blood Supermoon. (Total eclipse of the moon as second moon of the month and at perigee.)

Venue – Restoration Society Grounds.From 6.00pm till 01.00am 1st of Feb

Providing the weather is suitable club members are invited to gather at a suitable time to observe and photo the eclipse from a reasonably dark venue.

As the moon will be high, the sky should be more than suitable if the clouds do not appear.

Coffee and tea will be available – or bring your own beverage/snacks.

For those who are reading this and would like to become members – you are most welcome to attend.

The moon will be suffering the indignity of being shrouded for the period between 10.50 and 11.50 on Wednesday evening – which sadly is a work day.

It will be observable to any in Northern NSW and SEQ if you look up.

If you want to photo this phenomenon I recommend minimum a zoomable Digital Camera and a tripod. The camera should be able to be controlled for exposure. Photoing the moon without control will usually result in a badly over exposed moon and a black sky.

Zoom in as big as you can optically (any digital zoom should be avoided.) and set the timer to delay .

The Delayed exposure allows the camera time to settle on the tripod – using a spot exposure meter on the moon may result in a decent photo but have a practice before the time or you may be disappointed with the result – however since it lasts for quite a while, you can really take lots of pics and get it right.

Historically this supermoon blue moon eclipse hasn’t happened for 165 years. But a standard eclipse was seen in this area a couple of years ago and I captured it from my garden – you don’t need anything more than a camera and a clear sky.

Best of luck. The centre of the track of this eclipse passes over Northern NSW so it is almost perfect for us to see.

Happy snaps and a clear sky to you all. May the odds be ever in your favour.


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