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A Brief History of Time – A Reader’s Companion

Author / Publisher : Prepared by Gene Stone, edited by Stephen Hawking
File Letter : Yellow Dot - colour code
Comments : published 1992


‘Now, for everyone who has wanted to know more about the life and the work of Professor Hawking, here is the essential companion volume to A Brief History of Time and to the award-winning documentary film it inspired.
From the inception of discussion with film makers, Professor Hawking insisted that he wanted not a filmed biography but a work that could illuminate his research for a vast new audience. The result is at once a vivid oral history that brings together Professor Hawking, members of his family, lifelong friends, colleagues and the world’s leading physicists and a vital, dynamic tour through the evolution and nature of Professor Hawking’s scientific concepts. The material gathered was so rich in personal and conceptual detail that no single documentary could encompass it all. Thus, this volume is much more than a reflection of the film; it is a major expansion of the content.
Meticulously annotated with biographical notes for each participant and explanatory passages that amplify the scientific ideas they discuss; illustrated throughout with photographs of the speakers and from Professor Hawking’s past and present; and with drawings and graphics illuminating the scientific concepts at issue, including black holes and the arrow of time, this volume is an extraordinary oral history – an immensely moving, endlessly fascinating portrait of one the great minds of the twentieth century.’

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