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Other Worlds

Author / Publisher : Paul Davies
File Letter : Silver star
Comments : Published 1990


Discover the amazing quantum universe, where fact is stranger than any science fiction…….

When physicists began exploring the inner workings of the atom, they uncovered a world so weird that it overturned our very concept of reality. Only now, decades later, are the full implications of the quantum theory, as it is called, sinking in. When you journey into the quantum universe you enter a world ruled by chance. Common sense notions of space, time and causality must be left behind as the realm of solid matter dissolves away as on ephemeral froth of wormholes and tunnels.

Most revolutionary of all is the way in which quantum physics interweaves mind and matter in a subtle and holistic manner. It is here that scientists make the most startling claim of all: that there exists myriads of alternative realities in parallel to our own. Are these ‘other worlds’ just mathematical artefacts, or do the really exist?

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