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Sky Watching

Author / Publisher : David H. Levy
File Letter : Gold star
Comments : publishde 1995


From the beginning of time, humans have turned their eyes skywards with curiosity, awe and wonder. To the ancients, the heavens were the abode of the gods. Today’s astronomers, professional and amateur alike, may use sophisticated instruments to explore the sky – but they are as fascinated by the challenge of understanding the universe as the skywatchers who preceded them.

Skywatching is an accessible yet authoritative guide to the heavens.  Under the expert guidance of a renowned astronomer, we tour our immediate Solar System – Sun, Moon and planets – and venture into deep space, the realm of the stars, galaxies and nebulae.  Here too are up-to-date tables and diagrams, practical advice on basic tools and techniques and detailed constellation charts, along with a magnificent gallery of colour images.

More than a lavish reference soured, Skywatching offers everything you will need to embark on your own personal adventure of discover.

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