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Space Places

Author / Publisher : Roger Ressmeyer with foreword by Buzz Aldrin
File Letter : Gold star
Comments : Published 1990


Space Places is a photographic record of an extraordinary 20-year odyssey to those special places where our fascination with the universe has caused us to push ourselves and our technology almost beyond the limits of imagination.

From Kublai Khan’s 13th century observatory in Beijing to the giant Keck Telescope atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, from NASA’s flying observatories to England’s Stonehenge and the Soviet Union’s Star City, Ross Ressmeyer has compiled a unique and stunning portrait of how far we have travelled and what lies ahead in the exploration of space.

In Peurto Rica, scientists monitor radio emissions for signs of distant civilizations. In Europe and Japan, technicians devise the rocket boosters of the future.  In Texas, researches bounce lasers off the moon to monitor movement along earthquake faults. And in Chile and Australia, astronomers armed with balloons, rockets and radio telescopes probe the violent death of exploding stars.

Lavishly photographed and insightfully narrated, Space Places is a persona; evocation of the people and technologies that are changing the course of our lives and the future of our planet. In revealing the full scope of man’s reach for the stars, Space Places also speaks to the crucial relationship between our knowledge of the heavens and our ability to sustain life on earth. Roger Ressmeyer’s exquisite photographs, complemented by a selection of spectacular images from space probes, astronauts and observatories, put us in touch with the adventure in each of us.

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