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Stars and Planets of the Southern Hemisphere

Author / Publisher : Lionel Warner
File Letter : Gold star
Comments : Published 1986


Stars and Planets of the Southern Hemisphere 

The Blurb: With this book as a friendly guide, the newcomer to astronomy looks overhead to comprehend the beauty and grandeur of the heavens. During his first exciting evening as a stargazer he makes a visual tour of the southern sky, viewing the famous Southern Cross and Pointers, the Diamond Cross, the False Cross, the space-navigational star Canopus, bright Achernar and solitary Peacock. He also discovers our two nearest galaxies, the mighty Magellanic Clouds. On subsequent nights, he locates the principal stars of the northern sky. In due course he examines the intriguing planets of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Frequently, a meteor darts across his field of vision. On some occasions an awesome comet makes its appearance.
This book describes and explains many fascinating celestial objects. It gives individuality to the stars and planets which have earned a place in legend and history. Their nature has been revealed by earth-bound observations and by detailed reports from manned and unmanned spacecraft. The final chapter briefly takes the reader beyond the solar system into regions occupied by mysterious white dwarf stars, pulsars, black holes and quasars.

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