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The Astronomers

Author / Publisher : Donald Goldsmith
File Letter : yellow dot
Comments : Published 1991


This book offers a view into the lives of the astronomers who perform the research that yields discoveries. It does not aim at encyclopaedic coverage of the world of astronomy, but it does attempt to present the high points of recent discoveries in astronomy, as well as to forecast some of the discoveries expected in the near future.

The Astronomers provides a sweeping look at the most important astronomical discoveries of the 20th century, as well as the people who shape our understanding of the universe today. For those who enjoyed Cosmos or A Brief History of Time, Dr Goldsmith explains the science of the heavens with surpassing clarity and wit.

Illustrated in gorgeous colour, The Astronomers trace the history of cosmic research, and explores the breakthroughs expected from the latest space-borne experiments. The author reveals how the sun works; how stars are born; and he probes the violent deep space explosions of quasars and supernovae. Theories of the universe – the speciality of cosmologists – are also defined.  Goldsmith studies the scientific basis for Edwin Hubble’s breathtaking discovery that the universe is expanding, And we learn about the mystery of ‘dark matter; – the missing mass in the interstellar void.

To explain these and other advances, the scientists themselves are brought to the fore. Goldsmith discusses the methods of over two dozen experts, and touches on the bold theories that may become accepted fact tomorrow. With 24 pages of colour, 33 diagrams and 67 black & white photos, The Astronomers is an eye-catching adventure though space and time.

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