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The Illustrated Guide to Astronomy

Author / Publisher : Bill Yenne
File Letter : Gold star
Comments : published 1993



The Illustrated Guide to Astronomy is a lavishly illustrated book that traces the history of astronomy from ancient beginnings to the present. Fully illustrated with outstanding photography from international observations and NASA, plus photos taken from space by Voyager and Hubble Space Telescope.  The Illustrated Guide to Astronomy is a comprehensive volume that will appeal to readers of all ages.

The text begins with the earliest astronomers in the cultural centres of the ancient world and includes a discussion of the life and times of famous astronomers, both living and dead, including Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and William Herschel and the impact that their observations had on their epoch. Thoroughly factual and ‘up to date’, this illustrated history of the scientific study of the universe offers explanations on how advances in technology shaped the study of astronomy and astrophysics in the nineteenth century, ushered in a new era in ground-based astronomy, and saw the birth of early interplanetary spacecraft in the twentieth century.  The new orbiting observatories and Hubble Space Telescope have brought scientific even closer to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

With over 200 historic and contemporary photographs of observatories, telescopes, space satellites, and the astronomers who use them.  The Illustrated Guide to Astronomy is an authoritative volume, indispensable to the student of astronomy.

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