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Noeleen Lowndes

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    First Name:Noeleen Last Name:Lowndes Display Name:Noeleen Lowndes About / Bio:SAS member for 20 years and SAS President, astrophotographer, astronomy & space educator, NASA’s Saturn Observation Campaign member in Australia ☺      

    ~ My Images ~

    All of the Deep Sky images are taken at my ‘Stardust Observatory’ that’s situated at Leyburn in Qld Australia, where we have a beautiful dark sky. The wide field images are taken with a Meade 80mm triplet refractor telescope attached to the top of a tracking Meade 10inch GPS LX200, that’s mounted on a equatorial super wedge on top of a pier in the observatory.

    For the very wide field astro images, I replace the 80mm refractor with a Canon 100-200mm F2.8 Series lens or another relevant camera lens that’s needed for that particular object in the night sky.

    For all the Solar, Lunar and Planetary images, I also use a 127mm refractor telescope and I can easily take these images from my home on the Gold Coast in Qld.

    Please enjoy my images, and if you would like a higher resolution photo for educational use then please contact me on the SAS photo contact page, I also have a current astro blog on my website at


    I wish you lots of clear skies, Noeleen 🙂

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