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Dylan O'Donnell

IC2944 - LAMBDA CEN NEBULA : This is the first image I've taken over 2 separate nights for a total of 100 minutes, in 5 minute exposures. At f2 that makes it a very very deep exposure indeed. I'm very happy I managed to keep it so sharp with such long exposures, it's quite difficult as even the slightest wind can ruin an exposure. Can you see those little black flecks in the bright area? Those are not processing errors but little clumps of dust that are so compact and dense they are about to collapse in on themselves, ignite and turn into stars! That's right, those little black dust spots are called "Bok Globules" and are basically star sperm. Sort of. 20 x 300s guided (Total integration time 100 minutes) over 2 nights before moonrise. C 9.25" SCT @ F2 (Hyperstar) QHY12 CCD OSC @ -15C Stacked in Nebulosity 4

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