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Mario Vecchi - February 5, 2015

And so January 2015 is done – where did it go?! Welcome to this month’s Event Horizon, an edition packed with lots of goodies and hopefully something to get your mind thinking! First off, I really need to thank all those who submitted images for this month’s Event Horizon – it has made this a real “bumper” edition! A special mention needs to be made of Dylan O’Donnell’s Moon-shine image which made the pages of the website Boing Boing – well done!

This month I’ve written an article about free online courses, known by the acronym of MOOCs. I have been doing these type of courses for a couple of years now so thought others might be interested in my experiences.

I’ve also included an article on how to take “Nightscapes”, aka images of the night sky, using a normal camera. It was written by Ian Norman who has a website called Lonely Speck. I’m free to use it as long as I give him credit and provide a link to the licence – there, done!

Julie once again has provided a wonderful guide to several books in the SAS library and there’s a sky chart for February, courtesy of the Sydney Observatory. News from the Web and fantastic images from our members rounds off this months Event Horizon.

All in all, another “fun packed” edition – see you on Saturday! Cheers


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