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Alpha-Centaurids Meteor Shower Starts Jan 28th 2016

Maximum on the 8th Feb

Alpha-Centaurids Meteor Shower

WHEN : Thursday 28th January 2016



alpha Centaurids meteor streams are groups of meteoroids originating from dust grains ejected from an unknown comet. These small dust grains (meteoroids) are distributed along the parent comet's orbit concentrated close to the comet nucleus with fewer grains farther away from the nucleus. Every time the Earth passes through this stream of dust particles (i.e. meteor stream), we experience what is known as a alpha Centaurids meteor shower. These brief streaks of light from meteors, sometimes called "shooting stars", peak on Monday night the 8th February 2016 when earth moves through the center of the dust trail left behind by the comet.

How to view the alpha Centaurids

Go outside, find a dark spot and look south-east near the constelation of Centaurus for the alpha Centaurids radiant. Meteor showers are strictly for night owls or early risers. The best time to view the alpha Centaurids is from around 22h00 to dawn when they'll be right overhead. They are fast and bright with many trains. You should be able to see 7 streaks an hour or more during the peak. The alpha Centaurids meteor shower is active from the 28th Jan to 21st Feb with fewer activity either side of the peak time.

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