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Many of our members are accomplished astrophotographers, and a few are award winning! If you’d like to use a photo for news media or other purposes, please ask as copyright often applies. Email if there is a photo you’d like to use, and remember to credit the photographer.

‪As I sat on the beach yesterday looking at the clear blue skies and terrible surf I thought “that’s good seeing - finally!” .. Jupiter just past opposition but moon Io went odd-shaped in post despite its shadow being perfectly round. Still ok results with C11 telescope! ‬You can tell Jupiter is near opposition because it’s so large relatively but also because io’s shadow is so close to it. #celestronrocks #astrophotography #planets #youresa #universetoday #byronbay #jupiter #saturn #starstuff ...

Feels good to be back shooting nebulae again! M20 is a stunningly dual colour region captured here with separate R, G and B runs and broadband luminance. If you aren’t sure what that means, basically I’m shooting with a black and white camera (ZWO 1600mm) but instead of narrowband filters with small bandpasses for chemical signatures, I’m using broadly open filters across the spectrum so the result is a more natural, more realistic representation of the objects natural colour palette. I have increased the saturation of the colours to make it bolder however.
Still working on taming this new setup (Celestron c11 Edge HD / 0.7x reducer / CGX) to get the most of our it but this is a good hint at what it’s capable of. Some star bloat and skew and internal reflections from the ZWO glass on the bright stars which is a problem.
Red : 12 x 3m
Green : 15 x 3m
Blue : 11 x 3m
Broadband : 37 x 3m
Total Integration Time : 2.25 hours over 2 nights. #celestronrocks #astrophotography #cosmicisolation #universetoday #youresa #bintelastronomy #byronbay #nsw #space #nebula

View from my spaceship. Stay tuned for more exciting views from beyond the clouds and/or solar system. Eventually. ...

With the Byron Bay lighthouse effectively "off" it's much darker out on the cape. Tonight I watched the core rising through a lightning storm offshore which made the whole scene quite dynamic. 1 x 20s / ISO 2500 / f3.2 Canon 6D Mk II / Tokina 16-18mm @ 16mm #canonaustralia #byronbay #visitnsw #nsw #canon #milkyway #astrophotography ...

‪Full moon vibes tonight! Here’s a colour HDR composite of tonight’s moon with the light from 3 nights prior. C11” Edge HD and Canon 6d mk II / 2 exposures. More art than science due to merging. #astrophotography ‬#celestronrocks #moon #hdr #fullmoon ...

Tonight is exactly 1 year since 18 year old backpacker Theo Hayez went missing in Byron Bay, NSW Australia. He was last seen leaving a bar on the main street, but his phone was traced to the area near the lighthouse. I met some of his family tonight as I went to take this photo and observe the same sky he saw that night a year ago. Unlike tonight, there was no Moon out. It would have been dark apart from the beams from the lighthouse, and Jupiter directly overhead, in the middle of a spectacular view of the Milky Way.
The Cape Byron Lighthouse is now undergoing maintenance involving the light's mercury which only happens once every 25 years. This means the light is actually off for a while, which will allow you to see the stars properly, which I fully recommend you do. You won't be disappointed.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped during the search and my heart goes out to his family. ❤️🌌 #astrophotography #theohayez #starstuff #byronbay #lighthouse

I shot a galaxy out of the sky with a 2800mm telescope! Sombrero Galaxy M104 looks like a hat.. or a UFO... or an unwrapped condom depending on your psychological biography but although this image is subpar I really like how big the galaxy and dust lanes are. 11 min behind the scenes video about how badly I cheated on this image on my 38x30s exposures with zwo1600mm and Celestron 11” Edge HD. Used old colour data from a previous years shoot. #celestronrocks #celestron #astrophotography #byronbay #starstuff #sombrero #m104 ...

And just like that - we have a comet in the sky! Comet SWAN Not quite naked eye yet but easy to catch with a DSLR and any lens. Taken here from the edge of Australia over east in 8 second exposures at ISO6400 with a 105mm lens. Canon 6D Mk II - will be really interesting to see what this looks like in a week! Only Southern Hemisphere right now but coming your way Northerners. #astrophotography #comet #canonaustralia #byronbay #swan ...

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