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Latest Member Photos 

Many of our members are accomplished astrophotographers, and a few are award winning! If you’d like to use a photo for news media or other purposes, please ask as copyright often applies. Email if there is a photo you’d like to use, and remember to credit the photographer.

Last night had decent conditions for planetary, allowing me to resolve inner details within Jupiter's Great Red Spot, all it's minor storms in the belts and the newer outbreak (white) moving away to the left of the GRS. Celestron 11" EHD / ZWO174mm / Firecapture / WinJupos Derotation from 1.5hrs #celestron #zwo #byronbay #jupiter #greatredspot #arianagrande #planetary #astrophotography ...

Ahh the difference a night of good seeing makes! Saturn this evening taken with @celestronuniverse C11, 2.5x powermate, ZWO 174mm camera. The "opposition surge" on the rings is still there! The inner transparent 'C' ring looks particularly cool. The bottom peeking under rings is back now for ~29 years and the rings will be a thin line in 2025 as they tilt edge-on! #c11 #saturn #astrophotography #celestron #byronbay ...

Took out the Bronze (highly commended) this week in the David Malin awards for this photo of THE WEIRDEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN SPACE. It’s a dark nebula that appears fairly inactive. It should be red. In truth, it’s forming stars deep inside where we can’t see it. #astrophotography #bronze 🥉 ...

Who do you trust less in space - Billionaires, or Governments? #entropy ...

E N T R O P Y by Rick Schneider - a metalcore music video produced in collaboration with astronomer, Dylan O’Donnell that explores the relationship between humanity and the vast, unfathomable expanses of the universe. 'Entropy', a name inspired by the merging of their two fields : heavy metal & space.

With thanks to @intelanz for providing two #IntelEvo based @hpaustralia Spectre X360 laptops which this music and video was written, recorded and produced with.

Behind the scenes videos on how this project came together:
Week 1 -
Week 2 -
Week 3 -

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#DoSomethingWonderful #WonderfulCrossovers

Polaris - Australian Metalcore Band : @polarisaus
Watch Rick’s perspective via his Instagram :
Rick Schneider : @rickschhh

#Ad - I try converting some of my static images of space into dynamic, moving images for a song that Rick Schneider from Polaris is writing. The epic, new space music video collaboration will be revealed in the next and final instalment of this #WonderfulCrossover using the @intelanz @hpaustralia #IntelEvo based HP Spectre laptop!
Watch the full video on YouTube (link in bio).

#IntelPartner #PaidPartnership @hpaustralia
#DoSomethingWonderful #WonderfulCrossovers

Polaris - Australian Metalcore Band : @polarisaus
Watch Rick’s perspective via his Instagram :
Rick Schneider : @rickschhh

No, you’re not gently hallucinating again - this space vista is moving. It’s an artistic conversion using after effects, layers and displacement to imagine what it would look like if you were a giant flying through space with godlike eyeballs that were sensitive to hydrogen emissions. Featuring NGC 6188 “Dragons of ARA”… expect more psychedelic conversions of my images soon! #astrophotography #3d #ara #byronbay #bringbackthe90s ...

You can animate star trail images by bouncing out individual images during the additive stacking process (in my case using StarStaX) .. see my IG stories for a demo 🙂 #astrophotography #byronbay #startrails #freesoftware ...


Rick visits the Byron Bay Observatory to discuss the space metal project, share ideas and get a taste of space from the Easternmost Cape. Watch how the creative process unfolds after @intelanz provided an #IntelEvo based @hpaustralia Spectre x360 to see what we can pull off or hammer on.

@Intelanz @hpaustralia
#IntelPartner #PaidPartnership #IntelEvo

Polaris - Australian Metalcore Band : @polarisaus
Watch Rick’s perspective via his Instagram :
Rick Schneider : @rickschhh

Dylan’s links

Intro Music - "Moving the Ocean (Aerologic Edit)" by Blastculture.
Sad Piano by MRTN
Cyberpunk Synthwave - Black Rainbows // by White Bat Audio
Masochist, Consume & Hypermania by Polaris
All other music by Dylan O'Donnell

#Ad Introducing a new wonderful crossover where two unique particles are smashed together in the Large Hadron Collider of creativity thanks to @intelanz and the #IntelEvo based @hpaustralia laptop. (Link in bio for full video)

Stay tuned for the quantum fallout and potentially universe-ending consequences of the collaboration between Dylan O'Donnell from the Byron Bay Observatory and Rick Schneider from Polaris.

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Polaris : @polarisaus
Rick Schneider : @rickschhh

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