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A Guide to the Night Sky

Author / Publisher : Robert Burnham, Alan Dyer, Rober A. Garginkle, Martin George,Jeff Kanipe, David H Levy
File Letter : Green dot
Comments : Published 2009


A Guide to the Night Sky is a comprehensive illustrated handbook for backyard astronomer, with expert starhopping guides and advice on essential stargazing tools and techniques.

* Revised information about the latest stellar discoveries and the most recent space explorations

* Up-to-date statistics, distance and measurements.

* In-depth profiles of all our Solar System’s marvels – the Sun, Moon, planets and celestial phenomena

* Expert advice for the backyard stargazer on everything from telescope choices, to using binoculars and taking your own astrophotography.

* Star-hopping tours to help the amateur astronomer traverse the heavens and identify the night sky’s wonders with ease.

* Fully illustrated throughout with hundreds of the latest stunning images, maps and photos.

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