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A Walk through the Southern Sky

Author / Publisher : Milton Heifetz & Wil Tirion
File Letter : Gold star
Comments : Published 2004


What star is that? Where is the Southern Cross? Who was Orion?

A Walk through the Southern Sky is a beautiful guide to pathways in the night sky which answer these questions and many more. Its unique simplified maps make it easy to find by eye the constellations and the stars within them.  Clear instructions guide the user on how to gauge sizes and distances and how to move easily between constellations.

Ancient myths and legends of the sky, thousands of years old are retold to add to the mystery of the stars. Written with the complete beginner in mind, this book introduces the patterns of the starry skies in a memorable way. No equipment is needed to use this practical guide: apart from normal sight and clear skies. Magically illustrated by Wil Tirion, this is an ideal introduction to the launch the young astronomer on a journey across the starlit skies

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