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Astronomy For Beginners

Author / Publisher : Imagine publishing Ltd
File Letter : gold star
Comments : published 2016


‘You don’t need letters after your surname, an encyclopaedic knowledge of the skies or even a telescope to get into stargazing. That’s the beauty of astronomy: armed with nothing more than your eyes and a basic grasp of where to look in the night sky,  you can embark on one of the most rewarding hobbies in the world. Planets, stars, constellations, nebulas, meteor showers and many other celestial objects can be spotted using only the naked eye. And for those with telescopes, the universe – with its myriad colours and awe-inspiring sights – is your personal gallery of a trillion cosmic wonders.  This easy-t0-follow guide will furnish you with all the bare essentials, taking you on a journey from stargazing hobbyist to becoming a fully equipped astronomy enthusiast.  With practical guidance, seasonal charts and pointers on how to spot some of the sky’s most accessible sights, this new edition will be your companion as you unravel the beauty of the night sky.’

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