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Backyard Astronomy

Author / Publisher : Robert Burnham, Alan Dyer, Robert Garfinkle, Martin George, Jeff Kanipe, David Levy
File Letter : Gold star
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Comments : Published 2003


When Skywatching first appeared, its simple goal was to promote an enjoyment of the night sky. A Guide to Backyard Astronomy extends the journey, peering more deeply into the universe that beckons above your backyard.

Einstein wrote that the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is so incomprehensible.  The purpose of this book is to bring home that understanding with the help of superb colour photographs and illustrations, as well as engaging text. The authors are experienced in their branches of astronomy and skilled at conveying the latest ideas and discoveries through easily understand explanations.

In a sense, the universe is merely an extension of our neighbourhood.  From the streets and parks of our youth, we can go outward still, to the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids that make up our Solar System.  The Milky Way Galaxy, which is relatively nearby, lies within the Local Group of galaxies, itself a part of an immense confederation called the Local Supercluster. When  we move on into space between the superclusters, we truly leave our home and proceed to explore the great beyond –  a universe where the stars grandly exceed all the grains of sand on Earth

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