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Concise Guide to the Stars and Planets

Author / Publisher : Duncan John
File Letter : Gold star
Comments : published 2006


The term astronomy derives from the Ancient Greek phrase meaning the laws or science governing the stars: rather it is the study of all celestial phenomena.

In short, astronomy is the science of understanding everything that goes on beyond Earth’s boundaries: to study an object in deep space is to see hundreds of millions of years into the past, such are the mind-boggling distances that light has to travel.

A Concise Guide to the Stars & Planets takes us on a journey of discovery, from a detailed study of the planets in our solar system to the far-distant galaxies and outermost reaches of the universe.  All the spectacular cosmic phenomena are featured, including comets, asteroids, meteors, nebulae and black holes: superdense matter with a gravitational pull so strong that not even light can escape. Maps of some of the major constellations will give the new enthusiast an immediate introduction to the night sky and refresh the amateur astronomer.

Whether you’re an inveterate star-gazer or new student of astronomy, this lavishly illustrated book will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the universe.  It includes the most recent and spectacular images from the Hubble Telescope and Cassini probe, for example the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan.

A Concise Guide to the Stars & Planets explores the ultimate questions raised by our enhanced understanding of the universe and provides an authorities but accessible overview of the latest exciting developments in space research.

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