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Author / Publisher : Philip S Harrington
File Letter : gold star - colour code
Comments : published 1997


Although this book is a number of years old, it still has much relevant information to offer to eclipse chasers and for those of us who wait for eclipses to occur nearer home.
The Blurb – ‘From the dramatic, ring-of-fire solar eclipse, to the less flashy, but unique beauty of a lunar eclipse, here is all the down-to-earth information you need to capture and appreciate these heavenly phenomena. No other guide provides such depth of coverage, including an extensive section on how to best photograph or video an eclipse, plus where and when to best view all upcoming eclipses through the year 2017. Includes maps, drawings and photographs.
Whether you’re a backyard astronomer, dedicated eclipse chaser or a teacher guiding students through their first eclipse experience, Eclipse! provides the in-depth, detailed, practical information you need to make the most of these thrilling celestial marvels of nature.’
Philip S Harrington is an acclaimed author of Star Ware and Touring the Universe through Binoculars as well as Astronomy for All Ages and The Deep Sky: An Introduction. He has been a regular contributor to Sky and Telescope magazines and holds degrees in mechanical engineering, science education and environmental engineering’

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