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Exploring the Moon

Author / Publisher : David M Harland
File Letter : White Dot - colour code
Topic : LUNAR
Comments : 2nd Edition published 2008


This book gives an extensive history of the lunar missions with some wonderful images of the lunar surface and the astronauts themselves, including the famous shot of Buzz Aldrin taken by Neil Armstrong. I would recommend this book for anyone interested the lunar expeditions.
The Blurb: ‘In this comprehensive overview of Man’s relationship with his planet’s nearest neighbour, David Harland opens with a review of the robotic probes, namely the Rangers which returned television before crashing into the Moon, the Surveyors which ‘soft landed’ in order to investigate the nature of the surface, and the Lunar Orbiters which mapped prospective Apollo landing sites. He then outlines the historic landing by Apollo 11 and the final three missions of comprehensive geological investigations. He concludes with a review of the robotic spacecraft that made remote-sensing observations of the Moon. This Commemorative Edition includes a foreword by one of the original astronauts as well as an extra section reviewing the prospect of renewed exploration there. New graphics and images are also included.’

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