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Guide to Stargazing with your Telescope

Author / Publisher : Robin Scagell
File Letter : Green dot
Comments : Published 2000


The Blurb: ‘The Cambridge Guide to Stargazing with Your Telescope is an indispensable guide to telescopes and how to choose the right one for your needs. It gives straightforward explanations of how they work, and how to progress from first-time user to skilled observer. It gives practical help for setting up and using any telescope, and provides lists of objects to look at with different sizes of telescope, from both town and country, including the Sun, Moon and planets, comets, asteroids, star clusters, variable and double stars, supernovae, nebulae and galaxies. Aimed principally at newcomers to astronomy, of all ages, this book describes the full range of telescopes that are internationally available, with examples of objects to observe taken from both hemispheres, appropriate for all observing conditions. It also gives advice about accessories, such as eye-pieces and filters, plus suggestions for photography through the telescope and choice of camera and film type.’

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