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MOON : A tribute to Earth’s nearest neighbour

Author / Publisher : Scott L Montgomery
File Letter : White Dot
Topic : LUNAR
Comments : Publication date 01 Mar 200



A spectacular tribute to Earth’s nearest neighbour… The view of the heavens has fascinated humankind for as long as we have looked up with a sense of curiosity. And while the life-giving Sun dazzles, and the stars draw constellations in the sky, it is the ever-changing, enigmatic Moon that has captured our imagination. Through history, the Moon has been a deity to worship, a repository for fantastical creatures, a lucky charm, and a bringer of madness. Moon traces the story of how we came to understand and appreciate our neighbour’s true nature. How mathematics and philosophy showed it to be a satellite in a system subject to natural laws, how telescopes revealed its face in details and how the Space Race and the Apollo program made the ancient dream of reaching the Moon a reality. Features lively and informative text by the world’s experts. Packed with stunning photographs, artefacts and works of art, this book reveals both the mystery, mythology, and science surrounding our companion in space.

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