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The Moon

Author / Publisher : Patrick Moore
File Letter : White dot
Topic : LUNAR
Comments : Published 1982


The Moon has always been an object of unique fascination. Great powers have been ascribed to it, and it has been observed with a mixture of awe and familiarity.  Now, since the advent of space exploration, the Moon has been studied more closely and in greater detail than any other astronomical object.  A total of 73 space probes have been sent to investigate and photograph it:  of these, six have been manned missions.  But although a great deal has been learned, the Moon remains intriguing, and many of the problems surrounding it have yet to be solved. In this book, Patrick Moore summarizes the latest scientific findings and describes current ideas about the formation of typical lunar features such as craters, maria and highland regions as well as outlining the leading theories about the origin of the Moon itself.

In addition to the very latest scientific findings, this book includes numerous photographs, as well as a set of the new, meticulously prepared maps of both the near and far sides of the Moon.  The near side is mapped twice, one using the conventional Mercator projection and once in an orthographic projection which depicts the Moon exactly as it appears from Earth, for the convenience of telescope and binocular observers.

Backed by the authority of the most renowned astronomical organization in the world, this book will eventually form part of a comprehensive series of observers’ atlases of the stars and planets, carrying the recommendation of both professional and amateur astronomers.

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