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The Night Sky: a guide to observing the Sun, Moon and planets

Author / Publisher : Steve Massey
File Letter : Green dot
Comments : Published 2003


Ever wondered what lies out there in the Solar System beyond our own planet? Like to learn more about Saturn’s magical rings, how to locate mars in the sky or which kind of telescope is best for your needs? The Night Sky: a guide to observing the Sun, Moon and planets is the essential starting point for your backyard planetary journey.

The Night Sky includes:

*Invaluable instructions on how to locate the planets and other celestial bodies

*insightful chapters on the Sun, Moon and each of the planets with details of what you can see through a small telescope

*an in-depth guide to tools for observing, covering different types of telescopes and accessories

*an introduction to the history of astronomy

*information on how to photograph or film celestial events such as an eclipse

*over 160 stunning photographs and illustrations.


For anyone with a keen interest in astronomy, The Night Sky will help you navigate your way through the Solar System and transport you into the realm of the stars.

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