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Mario Vecchi

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    A child of the 60's, I was lucky enough to have seen the Moon landing live at school. But I'd been interested in astronomy long before that as the 60's were the years of the space race, special years for a young boy to dream...

    That dream to travel the stars laid dormant for many years while my life went on. University, work, marriage - all major milestones in my life - left little time for astronomical pursuits. But as my children grew older I was able to introduce them to astronomy reigniting my passion at the same time...

    While not out in the backyard looking upwards, I'm a Geophysicist processing seismic data. I studied Geology (and Mathematics) at the University of New South Wales and followed it up with some further study in Palaeontology at Macquarie University. Later I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Management from the University of Southern Queensland. In 2010 I gained the University of Central Lancashire's Certificate in Astronomy and have recently completed the Galaxies and Cosmology course from Caltech, Astrobiology and the search for Extra-Terrestrial Life from the University of Edinburgh and Our Earth: It's Climate, History and Processes from the University of Manchester  through an organisation called

    I have been known to dabble in sporting activities as well, having played Soccer, Squash, Rugby League and Golden Oldies Rugby Union. However those days have long passed and now I keep content with reliving those glory days with anybody that will listen!

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