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~ SAS member Dylan O’Donnell captures stunning image of the Moon and the ISS ~

Noeleen Lowndes - July 10, 2015


Just once in a while somebody captures and image and all you can say is ‘Wow’

On the 30th June 2015, Dylan set up his large telescope in his garden at Bryon Bay and waited…and what he captured was an amazingly clear and perfect image of the ISS against the majestic surface of the lunar surface.

This was a remarkable shot that had to have a perfect alignment with the Moon and a split second exposure to capture the outline of the ISS is such clear detail. I must add too, that you really need nerves of steel when taking an image like this, because you only get one shot at it…and it all came together for Dylan on this evening…’Congratulations’ on such an awesome image!


~ Dylan’s stunning image of the Moon and the ISS ~

Since taking his image 10 days ago, Dylan’s picture has gone viral on social media with so many people wanting to feature his stunning image on there websites. Dylan was also invited to talk about the event on ABC radio and has had his image published in many newspapers around the country.

Please go to his website at to find the whole list of where his image has been featured…you will be amazed!!! Time Magazine, European Space Agency (ESA) website at, IceInSpace and the list goes on and on, just incredible…Great work Dylan 🙂

Noeleen Lowndes (President)


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  1. Ralph Dunn says:

    Awesome Dylan,
    you,ve managed to capture the shape in amazing clarity.
    Well done.

    Ralph D

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